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About Us

We believe that boating is for everyone. Healthy outdoor leisure and entertainment is something that all of us need, and what could be a better way of getting them than a boat trip with friends or family. That’s why in Waterprestige we bring you high-quality boats that are affordable for everyone.

What do we stand for:


When it comes to any in-water recreation, safety is the most important thing, so it’s extremely important to use only reliable, certified watercraft. Waterprestige boats are certified with a PRS certificate issued by the Polish Register of Shipping, which confirms the buoyancy and unsinkability.


Waterprestige boats are built to last. We take no shortcuts in the manufacturing process. We use only the best materials that guarantee long durability and maximum safety of our boats. 

Fair price

We are passionate about boating and we would love to see more people enjoy this and healthy form of recreation. That’s why we offer high-quality boats at the best possible price

Your satisfaction is our final goal

We are a group of passionate boating enthusiasts and we are more than happy to share our knowledge and experience to help you find a boat that’s exactly right for you. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, so feel free to ask us about anything that comes to mind. 

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…or simply check our offer and choose the perfect one for your needs.