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Family motor yacht intended for a family vacation at sea, lake and all inland waters. The boat is intended for a family of 4 with an overnight stay or 6 friends for a daytime fun. The speed of movement is a plus for people who want to be in several places in a short time. When designing a yacht for you, we made every effort to create exactly the boat we would expect for a weekend rest. The Water Prestige 625 cabin boat has 4 beds, 2 in the bow and 2 in the mess after folding the table. The mounted lifting engine will allow you to moor in very shallow marinas or shallower lake waters. The boat can be successfully used by anglers. The speed of movement to the fishery is definitely an advantage of this boat. Water Prestige 625 means comfort during the cruise inside the cockpit, and outside at the optional table, rest and relaxation