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Water Prestige 625

15 February, 2022 /

Family motor yacht intended for a family vacation at sea, lake and all inland waters. The boat is intended for a family of 4 with an overnight stay or 6 friends for a daytime fun. The speed of movement is a plus for people who want to be in several places in a short time. […]

Water Prestige 500

14 February, 2022 /

It is a 5m long motorboat with a modern line and unique design. The water tests of the boat were performed in March 2021. It is a fashionable OPEN type boat with a control console in the middle of the deck. Very fast, open-top deck, intended for recreation and sports in inland and coastal marine […]

Water Prestige Cobra 495

13 February, 2022 /

The Water Prestige 495 is a fast motor boat, designed for recreation and sport in inland and coastal sea waters. In the front part there are places to sit at the table, which can be easily and quickly transformed into a sun deck. The boat is perfect for water sports, it looks awesome on the […]

Water Prestige 470

12 February, 2022 /

The Water Prestige 470 boat was created by engineers with a passion for boating and has modern shapes. With its tapered V-shaped hull, it shows excellent manoeuvrability and stability, it does not tilt, which makes it easier to control. It is perfect for quiet family boat trips as well as a quick glide. The unit […]

Water Prestige 467

11 February, 2022 /

This is an excellent, 5-person unit for family boat or fishing trips. The boat has an innovative hull shape that perfectly cuts waves, self-draining deck, tight lockers and is the widest boat in its class (205cm). The front part is covered with the sun deck. Steering console equipped with a comfortable armchair. Many practical storage […]

Water Prestige 465

09 February, 2022 /

It is the best-selling model that has been created with the convenience of use in mind. A large couch at the bow can be easily transformed into a comfortable sun deck for several people. Also the helmsman, thanks to the ergonomic central control console and the spacious couch, cannot complain about the lack of comfort. […]

Water Prestige 450

08 February, 2022 /

It is the smallest and lightest model in the range of laminate boats. It will safely accommodate a 5-person crew. Characterized by a coherent, all-laminate hull. The boat has been designed for mounting outboard motors with a maximum power of 30 HP with manual control (tiller) or under consoles. Thanks to the appropriately profiled hull, […]

Water Prestige Discovery GT 350

06 February, 2022 /

The Discovery GT 350 model combines excellent nautical properties with a well-thought-out design necessary for many hours of fishing in various waters. The bottom of the boat is filled with anti-skid protections to maintain maximum comfort and confidence in the vessel. The GT350 can be powered by a combustion or electric outboard engine .Foam-covered seats […]