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Ideas for a family boat trip

Healthy outdoor entertainment is something every family should do at least a few times a month. Usually, the first things that come to mind are hiking or one of many possible team sports. There are more and more available options though and one of them is getting very popular recently – boating. If you have a boat or you are considering buying one, here are some ideas for a family boat trip.

1. Fishing

The most obvious and popular one! If you already are a fisherman that loves to take children for a fishing trip, a boat is a fantastic way to spice up things a bit. There is a new environment and a new activity that comes along – rowing, which adds another healthy exercise element to it. 

Most importantly, a family fishing boat trip is much more adventurous than just relaxing like regular fishing often is. A lot of times kids tend to get a bit bored during fishing and there’s much more to do on the boat than just sit and wait for a catch which helps a lot. And when there’s a catch, there’s an additional twist to the struggle while you’re on the water. Just remember to keep your balance!

Remember that when you’re buying a boat specifically for fishing, you should consider buying some optional equipment for your boat. The first thing that you should definitely consider is a set of additional fishing rod handles – especially if you’re going to have a lot of hands on the deck! Another interesting option is a Garmin Fishfinder – a high-frequency sonar that will help you catch a really big one!

You can check a full list of additional equipment on every boat’s product page. When it comes to basic stuff like oars, every boat in our offer comes with a complete set of necessary tools to get you ready to start boating.

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2. Hungry for some exercises? Take a real trip!

Let’s say you live near a lake or a river with a lot of interesting spots to visit in different parts of it. Plan a longer, maybe even a full day trip with different stops at the most interesting places along the way. Maybe there’s a super high rated fish’n’chips place nearby? Or maybe there are some beautiful sandy beaches or spectacular cliffs and waterfalls to see and take some photos of? Taking a trip like this must take some planning and preparation but the feeling of accomplishment at the end is absolutely worthwhile. It’s a mission, a little family quest that guarantees to bond, quality experience.

You must pay in mind while organizing a trip to never bite more than you can chew. Start with a moderate distance and if the trip ends up being a success, then consider taking a longer route.

Be prepared! Bad preparation can easily ruin the experience and in the worst-case scenario even lead to a dangerous situation. It’s good to follow a checklist with all the necessary equipment you should take on a trip like this. Don’t worry, you don’t need to make one!

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3. Camping… but with boats

If you and your family enjoy camping, why don’t you twist things up a bit with a combination of camping and boating? During the day you can go boating around the lake and visit nearby sights, beaches and islands and in the evening enjoy classic camping activities – campfire, singing or board games.

Most importantly a trip like that is a great idea for a healthy city break, that, on one hand, has the boating adventure part and on the other, let you and your family get some contact with nature. Maybe you could even turn off your cellphones for a bit? Or at least mute them. We know that it might be a dealbreaker for some kids, but it’s definitely worth trying. They might like it after all!

Needless to say, if you decide to go for it, remember about the perfect preparation! We might be wrong, but there’s a chance that there won’t be any supermarkets open nearby.

Ready for your first family boat trip?

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If you’re planning to take your boat for a family trip abroad, there are some more things you need to take care of, like boat registration, insurance, and fishing license for a particular country. You can read more about this subject in our article How to store and transport a boat.